VEMEX 2019 - New York -- Online Help

Adding a Graphic or Photo to your Profile Page

All participants may upload a photo of themselves.
Companies may also upload their logo.

The photo or graphic will need to be saved as a:

  • Medium image quality (a 4 or 5)
  • JPG file - Please make sure that you have named your file with the correct file extension. ie. xxx.jpg
  • 300 pixels/inch
  • RGB colour (NOT CYMK)
  • maximum size is 3.00 inches wide by 3.00 inches high at 300 pixels/inch
    (or 216 pixels wide by 216 pixels high at 300 pixels/inch)

Once you have saved your graphic file in the proper format you can add it to your profile page

  • Click on the Edit your Profile button and log in using your username: and Password:
  • Pick the upload your photo option (the bottom button). This option will allow you to find your file on your computer and send it to our server which will automatically rename it and add it to your profile page.
  • After you have finished you may view your profile page by clicking on the view Profile
    Remember to hit the refresh button on your browser to make sure that you are not seeing a cached version.

If your file is not posted
If the file was too large or in the wrong format it will still be transmitted but it won't load automatically.We will receive an email notification that there was a problem with your file and we will try to edit the file to meet the specifications. If after 24 hours you graphic is still not posted to your profile page please contact the event manager.

Changing the Image
If you would like to change the image on your profile page please follow the steps 1 & 2 to submit the new graphic. The system will ask you if you want to replace the current graphic please click yes to proceed.

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If you continue to experience difficulties please contact:
3-Way Street / ExpoMatch