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Netscape Users

Forgotten your Password?
If you have forgotten your username or password you can have them e-mailed to you by filling out our Remember Me form.

If your password does not work

The username and password that are emailed to you by the system are correct and will work.
Make sure that you are entering exactly.

The most frequent reason for the error you are getting is that you made a typo in the password the first time you entered it and the Autocomplete feature is entering this incorrect information each time you try to log in.

If you continue to have difficulties please try these trouble-shooting ideas.

1. Try cutting username and password from the email and pasting them into the text boxes on the log in form.
i.e. highlight the username in the email use CTRL-C (to copy) and
     then insert your cursor into the password text box on the web page      and CTRL-V (to paste).
     Repeat for the password.

2. Close your browser and then relaunch it.
Click RELOAD or REFRESH when you get to the log in page.
This time DO NOT use the remember my password feature and
Turn off the auto complete feature.
These features may have cached the incorrect username or password if you typed it in wrong the first time.

How to turn off the AutoComplete feature - Netscape

  • Netscape - From the top menu bar, click on Edit - Go to the bottom and select Preferences - When preferences is open, go down to the last category in the left hand frame which reads Advanced and double click it so that all the subcategories appear. - Choose the option labeled Passwords - You will see in the right hand frame a preference labeled Password Manager. Click on the X to choose not to have Navigator remember your passwords. - Click OK to save this new preference.



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If you continue to experience difficulties please contact:
3-Way Street / ExpoMatch