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Sure, they get lots of bad press, but if you want to login only at the start of your visit to the site, and not every time you access a members-only page, then cookies are the answer.

Now rest assured, we are not tracking your every move, nor sending your personal information to any third-party sites. The only cookie set on this site is sent only to our server, and is automatically deleted each time you close the browser (you can even go into your "temporary internet folder" to verify this).

If you are having to enter your username and password more than once per session you should change your browser setting to allow per-session cookies for the event website.

How to enable cookies for Internet Explorer 6.0

  • Select the TOOLS Menu and then Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy Tab
  • Click the Edit.. button in the Websites Section


  • Enter in the Address of Website textbox
  • Click ALLOW (if you hit enter it will block the cookies instead of allowing them)
  • If you have followed the instructions correctly "Always Allow" will appear in the Managed Websites window.
  • Click the OK at the bootom of the Per Site Privacy Actions window


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